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If you are looking for fresh roasted coffee that benefits coffee growing communities, you have come to the right place. Hemisphere Coffee Roasters is passionate about the two natures of coffee: Place & People.

Coffee is Place:

Great coffee is a product of its location. It is further enhanced by it growing environment and how the sun and rain and soil interact to produce hard, dense beans with vivid notes and highlights. Coffee grows around the world within a unique band of fertile volcanic soils. Places like Kenya, Indonesia, Peru, and Nicaragua grow fantastic coffee in their highlands.

Coffee is People:

Every bean is handpicked by real, live, breathing people; people who have hopes, fears and dreams. Twenty five million families derive their major living from the production of coffee, and we are dedicated to helping as many as we can. Hemisphere Coffee Roasters has developed deep relationships of trust with coffee producers around the world. Our goal is to not give hand outs but instead focus on business-to-business solutions that we call direct-trade. This becomes a hand-up to the producer and their community, while providing an excellent cup of coffee for you.

The Story of one of our partners:

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